Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ganesha WIP

I've been working on this sculpture for a while now and thought I should share it since I've been neglecting my blog.
First, here is the very rough drawing I used to plan the armature:

Next, here are some shots of the lotus blossom I sculpted that will be part of the base the sculpture will be standing on:

And here's a 3-shot turnaround of the sculpture so far:

Tried something new this time and did a 75:25 mix of sculpey firm and super sculpey. I try to work on him every day, though that doesn't always happen.
Ganesha's around a foot tall at this point, I think, and the whole piece should top out at around a foot and a half.
I'll post another update when this is looking closer to a completed piece. For now, thanks for looking!

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  1. Great to see the process, Rachel. I'm loving the musculature and the folds! Very dynamic. Nice to see a representation of this personage in motion in 3D. Best of luck on the continuation! I've got a bit of sculpey, but never enough to try something this size. I'll have to bug you later for your recommendations--especially on the part where you make it "permanent." In the meantime, stuff here! --Mark