Monday, November 12, 2012

Ijiraq 2.0 is finished (except for paint)!

Here's a quick post to show off the photos I took last night of the Ijiraq sculpture. I'm sooo happy that he's done, and even happier with how he turned out.

In the time period between my last photos of him and these, there has been a lot of skin texturing and fur-sculpting, both of which are always more time consuming than I expect, but the end result is really worth the hours spend with a loop tool making wrinkles, or with a needle (and various other tools I use to make clay look like hair/fur).

So, here's how he looks now:

That gray primer you see in the photos has to rest a few days while it dries, just to make extra sure the acrylic paint I'll be using adheres well to the sculpture.

So, the next update will include photos of the painted sculpture, and then I'll be off on my next project, which is finishing the Ganesha sculpture I posted about last year.

As always, thanks for reading!